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The Tech Oversight Project Issues Statement on Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee Hearing

Mar 07, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, The Tech Oversight Project issued a statement following the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee hearing on reining in dominant tech platforms and restoring competition online.

“It was clear from today’s hearing that Big Tech and their allies will once again tote the exact same sky-is-falling, strawman arguments – rolling out last year’s playbook that included over a quarter-of-a-billion dollars in lobbying and TV ads,” said Kyle Morse, Deputy Executive Director of the Tech Oversight Project. “Fortunately, an overwhelming and bipartisan majority of Americans are united in the fact that Google, Apple, Meta, and Amazon have operated unchecked and unimpeded for far too long – ripping off small businesses, harvesting our data, and stalking our children on the internet. Americans are united in supporting antitrust. It’s time to cut through the noise and get this done.”

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