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Hey Google: Show Me the Self Own

Apr 15, 2022

Friday, April 15, 2022
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Google-backed Taxpayers Protection Alliance Releases Poll Showing Support for Antitrust Legislation

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA), a conservative advocacy organization funded by Google, released a poll today showing that once voters were given a description of antitrust legislation moving through Congress, 68% – more than two-thirds of respondents – supported antitrust reform. The poll, published in Politico Morning Tech, shows significant support in nine states, including Alaska, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Nebraska, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia, for federal antitrust reform.

“Whoops! In what could only be described as a monumental self own by Google and the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, we applaud them for publishing their poll results that spotlight what we already know: Americans want Big Tech to be held accountable for their misdeeds, and this is a bipartisan issue,” said Sacha Haworth, Executive Director of the Tech Oversight Project. “We look forward to more ‘hard-hitting’ research from TPA to undermine Big Tech’s false narratives, show broad bipartisan support for antitrust reform, and help pass landmark legislation like the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act.”

An excerpt from Politico Morning Tech is below:

“FIRST IN MT— ANTITRUST POLLING: The Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a conservative advocacy group funded in part by Google, is out today with polling showing that most U.S. voters are not thinking very much about antitrust reform, with only 1 percent calling “regulating U.S. technology companies” a priority. Issues like inflation and the economy polled much higher, while voters say protecting their privacy is more important than keeping companies from getting too big.

“However, the polling shows there is significant support for overhauling antitrust laws across nine states. Most of the 3,900 people surveyed by the Republican pollster Erik Iverson were not aware of the antitrust legislation at first — but once they were given a description of the bills, 68 percent approved, 19 percent were opposed and 13 percent had no opinion.”

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