The Tech Oversight Project

Who We Are

The Tech Oversight Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reining in Big Tech for the damages they’ve caused by urging lawmakers to support comprehensive antitrust legislation.

“Pouncing upon this moment right now is critical."
Sacha Haworth, Executive Director

To achieve this, the Tech Oversight Project engages with key lawmakers and decision-makers to punch back against Big Tech’s false narratives, expose bad actors in tech who are harming our country, and push for landmark antitrust legislation to restore competition and normalcy in our everyday lives.

The Tech Oversight Project is proud to receive 100% of its funding from like-minded philanthropic organizations, like Omidyar Network and Economic Security Project Action, that believe in tech accountability, competition reform, and reducing the harms of Big Tech platforms.

In the past, the Tech Oversight Project has also partnered with like-minded small and medium-sized tech companies, like DuckDuckGo and Proton, in public one-off projects.


Sacha Haworth

Executive Director

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Kyle Morse

Deputy Executive Director

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