The Tech Oversight Project

The Issue

Why We're Fighting

For far too long, Big Tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have stifled innovation while bleeding small businesses dry, spread disinformation about elections, genocide, and the pandemic, contributed to online harassment and real-world hate crimes, and knowingly harmed children and teens by targeting addictive products toward them. These greedy monopolies have operated without accountability and have profited at our expense.

The vast majority of Americans – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – are sick of Big Tech weaponizing their products and platforms against us, while raking in billions of dollars in profit. They want to rein Big Tech in, but Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are spending millions in lobbying and ad campaigns to maintain their monopolies. We won’t let that happen.

There is only one course of action: immediate, consequential oversight and safeguards against Big Tech to restore our nation, protect our families, and help small businesses and entrepreneurs compete.

What We’re Fighting For

Antitrust Legislation

Comprehensive antitrust legislation that restores competitiveness, prevents discrimination against small businesses, and promotes a healthier online experience for users of all ages. In Congress, two pieces of legislation are gaining momentum and have Big Tech running scared. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act will prevent dominant platforms from rigging marketplaces – by self-preferencing and picking winners and losers – and increase opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Open App Markets Act will set fair, clear, and enforceable rules to protect competition and strengthen consumer protections within the app market.


Safeguard Your Data

Enshrined safeguards that empower individuals and families to take control of their own data back from social media and technology companies. Big Tech sells our personal data without notification, exposes users to preventable data breaches and hacks, and surveils children and teens to target addictive and harmful products to them.


Stopping Disinformation

Repercussions for spreading disinformation. Whether it is about our elections, COVID-19, vaccines, or conflicts abroad, social media and technology have platformed, spread, and profited from disinformation and failed to remove the bad actors who infect their platforms and products. The time has come for us to take back control and punish Big Tech companies who put our families and national security at risk.

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