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Hart Research: Senate Battleground Voters Overwhelmingly Support Antitrust Measures and Reining In Big Tech

May 24, 2022

Tech Oversight Project/Hart Research in GA, NH, NV, and AZ can be viewed here

WASHINGTON, DC Today, The Tech Oversight Project released a Hart Research poll showing overwhelming support for antitrust measures, including the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICO) and the Open App Markets Act (OAMA) in key Senate battleground states – Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The survey results also tear apart Big Tech’s talking points and fearmongering – with vast majorities of respondents siding with supporters of antitrust legislation and wanting their Senator to vote for these bills. The survey release comes on the heels of an announcement that the antitrust package would be scheduled for a vote in the Senate early this summer, and a nationwide survey showing GenZ voters are also in favor of congressional action. View the full poll here.

Specifically, the survey tested top messages from supporters and opponents of the antitrust bills, and after hearing arguments from both sides, voters overwhelmingly sided against Big Tech.

“For vulnerable Senate Democrats, this couldn’t get any simpler. Large majorities of voters across the ideological spectrum want to see immediate action that punishes Big Tech and reins in their unchecked power – and they are not persuaded at all by the lies pushed by the Big Tech lobby,” said Sacha Haworth, Executive Director of the Tech Oversight Project. “This is clearly a winning issue for Democrats to run on nationwide, and members of the Senate have a real opportunity to show that they can reach across the aisle and get things done for the people they serve.”


  • Large majorities (79% and 75%) say Big Tech companies have too much power and influence, and they abuse it.
  • There is broad bipartisan support for both bills in all states (76% for AICO, 80% for OAMA). 
  • Lopsided majorities agree with supporters of antitrust legislation on major criticisms of the bills by Big Tech and point-counterpoint arguments.
    • This includes messaging related to malware on mobile apps (70%), national security and cyber security (60%), and Amazon Prime (72%).
  • After hearing from both sides, large majorities in all 4 states said they want their senator to vote for the bill (72% in AZ, GA, and NV, 70% in NH, 84% among Democrats, 65% among independents, 62% among Republicans).


  • Hart Research surveyed 1,200 likely voters spread evenly across Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Nevada
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