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The Tech Oversight Project Applauds Biden White House for Prioritizing Antitrust in Tech Accountability Priorities

Sep 08, 2022

Read the White House’s Principles for Tech Platform Accountability here

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Tech Oversight Project issued the following statement praising the White House for prioritizing bipartisan antitrust efforts in its principles for Tech Platform Accountability. The set of principles was released following a White House listening session with tech companies, elected officials, and experts specializing in the harms of Big Tech. In the list of six principles, the White House prioritized promoting competition in the tech sector – specifically praising bipartisan antitrust legislation, like S.2992, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and S.2710, the Open App Markets Act. Both pieces of legislation sailed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on landslide votes earlier this year and are awaiting a full vote on the Senate floor. 

“The White House could not be more clear: Reining in Big Tech through antitrust is a winning issue and this is a call to Congress to make it a priority,” said Sacha Haworth, Executive Director of the Tech Oversight Project. “Big Tech has spent hundreds of millions to undermine these reasonable, bipartisan reforms that will increase competition, save small businesses, and rein in runaway costs that are passed on to consumers. Schumer needs to take the White House’s signal and schedule a vote on AICO and OAMA now.”

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