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SHOT/CHASER: CNN’s Tapper, Sen. Manchin Scold Congress for Letting Big Tech Off the Hook, Failing to Hold Votes on Bipartisan Antitrust Legislation

Dec 20, 2022

Sen. Manchin: “No excuse at all” for AICO and OAMA Omnibus exclusion.

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the exclusion of S.2992, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICO), and S.2710, the Open App Markets Act (OAMA), from Congress’ end-of-year Omnibus spending package, CNN’s Jake Tapper devoted over five minutes of air-time to holding Congress responsible for running down the clock on antitrust legislation. AICO and OAMA would have fixed our broken internet economy, improved competition, and boosted innovation and small business growth. Congress’ failure to act comes on the back of an unprecedented $250 million lobby and scare tactics campaign from Big Tech monopolies like Google, Apple, Meta, and Amazon.

SHOT: CNN’s Tapper scolds Congress for letting Big Tech off the hook, failing to hold votes on bipartisan antitrust legislation – calling Big Tech monopolies “un-American.”

CHASER: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says, “No excuse at all” for AICO and OAMA’s exclusion from the Omnibus package. Machin adds, “If anyone tries to give you an excuse – I can’t.”

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