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Tech Oversight Project Issues Statement on DOJ Merger Guidelines

Jul 19, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, The Tech Oversight Project applauded the Biden Administration and the Department of Justice for releasing modernized merger guidelines that will tackle some of Big Tech’s most predatory practices, like “Capture or Kill,” and platform gatekeeping. Read the Department of Justice’s announcement here.

“For far too long, Big Tech giants have been allowed to gobble up competitors with reckless abandon, and the result is a digital marketplace with less choice and innovation. Monopolies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Meta have garnered too much power and wrecked the internet by reducing it to a set of predetermined outcomes rather than a place where the best ideas win. By adding greater focus to platform markets, the Justice Department’s guidelines will rein in Big Tech’s predatory practices like Capture or Kill,” said Kyle Morse, Deputy Executive Director of the Tech Oversight Project. “In rolling back outdated merger guidelines that no longer apply to the way our economy actually works, President Joe Biden and the Jonathan Kanter-led Justice Department Antitrust Division are charting a new path that levels the playing field, encourages competition and innovation, and ultimately, lowers prices for goods and services we all use.”

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