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The Tech Oversight Project Issues Statement on Meta’s Decision to Profit from, Allow Election-Denier Ads on Platforms

Nov 15, 2023

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WASHINGTON, DC – Today, The Tech Oversight Project issued the following statement after Meta publicly announced that they would allow election-denial ads back on its platforms – a stunning reversal from its decision made in the wake of January 6th. To learn more, read the story here.

“Following Russia’s 2016 influence campaign on our elections, Meta promised to stop its role in aiding Kremlin intervention and build out a robust trust and safety team that would block threats to our democracy. Since then, Meta has fired its Election Integrity and Safety Teams and allowed the violent January 6th insurrection to be organized on its platforms. We now know that Mark Zuckerberg and Meta will lie to Congress, endanger the American people, and continually threaten the future of our democracy,” said Kyle Morse, Deputy Executive Director of the Tech Oversight Project. “This announcement is a horrible preview of what we can expect in 2024. Congress and the Administration need to act now to ensure that Meta, TikTok, Google, X, Rumble, and other social media platforms are not actively aiding and abetting foreign and domestic actors who are openly undermining our democracy and social fabric.”

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