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The Tech Oversight Project Issues Statement on the Latest Anticompetitive Apple-Google Partnership

Mar 18, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, The Tech Oversight Project issued the following statement on Apple and Google’s most recent anticompetitive partnership. Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that the two tech giants would build on their already contentious search engine default agreement by having Google’s Gemini AI artificial intelligence engine power numerous iPhone features. The two tech giants have come under fire in the past for the oddly close relationship that raises concerns about collusion – even vowing to operate “as one company.”

“With a potential antitrust case on the horizon, the timing of this announcement isn’t an accident. To be clear: Apple is openly colluding with Google in an effort to block out competition and protect monopoly power for itself and closest ‘rival,’” said Sacha Haworth, Executive Director of the Tech Oversight Project. “The future of the internet needs to be centered around innovation and not the same stale companies that illegally use their size and gatekeeper status to block the best ideas from rising to the top. Google and Apple have already come under fire for operating ‘as one company.’ We cannot allow them to use the same playbook to consolidate the AI space. This partnership raises red flags that the Department of Justice and White House need to investigate.”

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