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The Tech Oversight Project

Who We Are

The Tech Oversight Project is charged with holding Big Tech accountable for its anti-competitive and corrupting influence on our society and the levers of power. To achieve this, the Tech Oversight Project will engage with key lawmakers and decision-makers to punch back against false narratives, expose bad actors in tech who are harming our country, and push for landmark antitrust legislation to restore competition and normalcy in our everyday lives.

Why We’re Fighting

Despite bleeding competitors dry, spreading disinformation, contributing to online harassment and real-world hate crimes, and putting children and families in danger, companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon continue to operate without accountability and to profit from these practices. These corporations have platformed terrorists, lied to Congress, weaponized our personal data against us, and leveraged their market dominance to protect the greedy ill-gotten gains. There is only one course of action: punish Big Tech to restore our nation, protect our families, and help small businesses compete.

What We’re Fighting For

Comprehensive antitrust legislation that restores competitiveness, prevents discrimination against small businesses, and promotes a healthier online experience for users of all ages.

Enshrined safeguards that put individuals and families back in control of their own data to end the onerous practice of surveillance by Big Tech.

Repercussions for spreading disinformation and failure to remove bad actors.

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